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All you need to connect to the virtual world of Volts is a computer and a network!


The students can be face to face or anywhere in the world!

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The computer is personal and thats the way it should be, so use our cloud for training!


You can learn with Volts Anywhere and Anytime!

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We make training costs virtually disappear!
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Who is Virtual Online Training Services:

Virtual Online Training Services (VOLTS) is an online e-learning delivery company. We specialize in on-demand World Web Virtual Classroom Management Delivery for your corporate training material. Our Virtual Classroom Management Delivery System and Method® for use under US Patent No. 9,716,580 services are provided via the internet 24/7.

VOLTS' Cloud based Virtual Classroom Management Delivery System and Method®; "VCMDS" software will dramatically reduce your training costs by eliminating your need for a training data center and IT specialists. VOLTS offers state of the art online training services that provide you, the customer with complete control over course scheduling, course content, student monitoring, training metrics, and training costs using our browser based VCMDS software.

Conventional e-learning "pull" databases download the training material to the student's PC without any security. Our VCMDS software executes all courseware within the Cloud firewall. VCMDS employs multi-level security against unauthorized users or anyone attempting to invade your company's proprietary training material or student confidential information.

VOLTS' VCMDS is based on leading edge Oracle Cloud architecture. VCMDS supports virtually all course format operating systems, ie: (PC, MAC, Linux, etc.).

VCMDS services feature "pay for what you use" billing system to further reduce and control your online training costs.

VOLTS team of expert programmers, training developers, and account managers will develop and setup your specific course requirements on our VCMDS system servers. Our team will work with you to define, validate, and automate a controlled interface customized to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you require one server for 20 users, or 3 servers per user, we can accommodate your simple to complex training course requirements.

You will have complete control over your course material, instructors, students and all end users via VCMDS browser. VCMDS allows three different levels of management to provide both control and flexibility with your account manager, instructor, and student. There is no other (SaaS) software as a service that can offer you more control flexibility and security for your e-learning products than VOLTS' VCMDS application.

We know that not every class is as complex or require multiple features. VOLTS designed services to accommodate all aspects of your virtual training needs. We offer three unique tiers of service to assist you while insuring that each level of service supports your server and network access. VOLTS manages the complex infrastructural aspect of creating and maintaining servers so that you can focus on what really matters, teaching an effective distance learning course!

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